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Peer Groups and Camps


Peer groups and camps can address a variety of goals, ranging from social skills to motor skills.

Peer groups are formed on a case-by-case basis depending on the needs of individual clients. These groups are tailored to target specific developmental and social goals. Goal areas may include social, regulation, language, play, and motor needs.


We are focused on collaborative treatment and achieving goals.

Groups can be staffed by multiple therapists from various disciplines including: occupational therapists, speech therapist, social workers, physical therapist, and developmental therapists. We are happy to collaborate with outside providers to ensure optimal progress.  

With our individualized peer groups and camps, we often have the opportunity to address multiple goal areas simultaneously. Examples include: building gross motor and social skills, sensory and social skills, as well as fine motor and social skills.


Therapy Groups, Camps & Intensives


Fine Motor/Handwriting intensive - theme based group geared towards developing fine motor and handwriting skills

Messy Play intensive - a variety of  messy play experiences encouraging sensory exploration and peer interaction


Lose the Training Wheels - bike riding group geared towards getting children riding by the end of the group

#Girlstrong - a girl’s motor and social group emphasizing moving, motivating, and empowering each other


B.O.A. on Broadway - a performing arts camp (singing, dancing, set/costume design) run by classically trained therapists


Sports Camp - sports training in a supportive environment, typically staffed by Physical and Occupational Therapists


Chef Adventures - cook  tasty treats while addressing social, executive function, sensory and language development


SOS Feeding Groups - feeding groups using the SOS approach to feeding to support picky eaters


Sibling Groups - supporting siblings of children with special needs with their own time to play, explore, and interact


Stay updated on the latest group and camp offerings at Beth Osten & Associates by checking our website and facebook & instagram pages

Call Micki Somerman at 847.663.1020 ext. 115 to inquire about what groups we are currently running as well as upcoming groups and camps over holiday/school breaks.


Other clinical service, methods, and programs we often use in conjunction with peer groups.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy helps children and adults develop the skills needed for play, socialization, learning, and participation in daily activities.


Physical Therapy

Physical therapy can help children develop gross motor skills and promote active participation in the home, school, and community environments.


Speech-Language Therapy

Speech-language pathology addresses a wide range of communicative needs in order to promote effective and functional interactions.


Mental Health

Mental health providers support the emotional well-being of children, adolescents, young adults, and families in a caring and sensitive manner.



Therapeutic Intensives are daily sessions provided over a short-term, intensive format that are individualized to each child/adult.


Social Groups

Social groups help children develop and integrate social skills with adults and peers in a fun and natural environment.



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