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Social Skills & Language Groups

Helping to develop the underlying foundations needed for play, socialization, learning, and participation in daily living skills.

social skills & language groups • pediatric therapeutic intensives


Beth Osten & Associates offers social groups and social language groups. The focus of these groups is to help children develop and integrate social skills with adults and peers.

We organize children into groups of 2-4 to meet and work on individual and group skills in a fun, interactive environment. These groups are led by a combination of 1-2 experienced therapists in the domains of speech language pathology, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and/or social work.


The group’s activities are designed to develop the individual and group skill sets. Skills could include:

Pragmatic (social) language skills: conversational inviting, refusing, requesting, topic maintenance, repair, negotiation, conversational turn-taking, understanding social expectations, and social predicting

Social flexibility


During group activities, children learn to apply social skills appropriately and recognize how to build strong peer relationships. They also learn how to experience enjoyment of social interactions with their peers.


In addition to weekly social and social language groups, Beth Osten & Associates also offers a variety of other group options.

Penguin Groups are an intensive, twice weekly therapeutic preschool program that is offered throughout the year.

Other Peer and Social Groups include fine motor groups, bike riding groups, motor groups, cooking groups and SOS feeding groups.


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Other services, methods, and programs we often use in conjunction with Social Skills & Language groups.

Speech-Language Therapy

Speech-language pathology address a wide range of communicative needs in order to promote effective and functional interactions.


Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy helps children and adults develop the skills needed for play, socialization, learning, and participation in daily activities.


Peer Groups and Camps

Individualized peer groups & camps are tailored to address a variety of goals, ranging from social skills to motor skills.



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