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Berard Auditory Integration Training (AIT) Intensive

Helping to develop the underlying foundations needed for play, socialization, learning, and participation in daily living skills.


Auditory Integration Training (AIT) is an intensive program consisting of two sessions per day over a ten day period. It uses filtered music delivered via headphones.

AIT is typically scheduled for twice daily listening sessions over a period of ten days. A typical session of AIT includes 30 minutes of listening to music plus 30 minutes of body work guided by an occupational or physical therapist.


The Benefits of AIT

Therapeutic benefits of AIT include decreasing sound hypersensitivity as well as assisting in the development of self-regulation, spatial orientation, and speech/language skills.

AIT intensives can benefit children with a range of concerns including:
• Auditory hypersensitivities
• Speech/language delays
• Social emotional skill delays
• Body/spatial awareness challenges


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